Celestron - Right Angle Correct Image Finderscope

New from Celestron - A 9x50mm, illuminated, right angle, corrected image finderscope # 93781 with 5-deg true field of view. For Schmidt-Cassegrain or EdgeHD optical tubes.

  • Right angle finderscope makes it easy to find your target when your telescope is pointed toward the zenith
  • Illuminated dual crosshair reticle allows for easy centering of your target; the star cannot hide behind the crosshair
  • Gives a fully corrected image for easy, intuitive use
  • Individual focus adjustment for reticle and the view through the finder
  • Eyepiece assembly can be rotated left and right, making it easy to find a comfortable viewing angle
  • Dovetail bracket allows you to easily attach the finderscope and and remove it for storage
  • Weight: 680g

139 EUR
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