Hyperion Aspheric 2" Eyepiece 31mm

  • The Hyperion-Aspherics freedom from blackouts, kidney beaning, and lack of distortion combines with their long eye relief to produce a view that is uncommonly comfortable and natural for all users.
  • The ultra-wide 72 field is extremely flat and distortionless (virtually free of angular magnification distortion).
  • Baaders renowned Phantom Group Multi-Coatings and thorough internal baffling produce an extremely bright and high contrast view that is free of scatter.
  • Hyperion Modularity Superb for projection imaging. The Hyperion-Aspherics are threaded to accept the full line of Hyperion Digital T-Rings. The clever use of 2"x24 TPI SCT threads for attaching the 2" barrel permits the Hyperion-Aspherics to directly thread onto the rear cell of popular SCTs.
  • Dual Barrel Configuration two barrel sizes are provided with each Hyperion Aspheric. The standard 2" barrel provides the full 72-deg field size, and a special wide-field 1.25" barrel provides the maximum true field ever in a 1.25" format, with a field stop size of 1.265 (32mm)!
  • Accepts popular astigmatism correcting lenses.
  • Weight: 390 g

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