Fotomate VT-990-222R Super Heavy-Duty Professioanal Tripod

  • The Fotomate VT-990-222R is an outstanding professional standard tripod for video cameras & DSLR’s, as well as for spotting scopes, small telescopes and most large observation binoculars.
  • Features a huge maximum payload capacity of 20kg and an impressive maximum height of 200cm.
  • This tripod does not feature a geared centre column so the tripod offers greater rigidity and stability, and lends itself to carrying heavier equipment.
  • The superb included super heavy-duty 2-Way tripod head, is extremely robust and well-engineered.
  • Operation is sublimely smooth and well damped, managing heavy loads with consummate ease and can be panned 360° with a wide range of tilt adjustment.
  • Supplied with nylon carrying case.
  • Weight  5.85kg

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