Orion - StarSeeker IV 150mm GoTo Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope

150mm f/12 Computerised Go-To Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope

  • Orion is the only brand to offer a 150mm Maksutov telescope on an AZ GoTo mount!
  • This big, 150mm diameter GoTo Mak-Cass boasts a super-long 1800mm focal length and f/12 focal ratio to provide exceptional, high-resolution views of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects
  • Huge GoTo database of over 42,000 objects, and handy built-in Tour mode means you'll enjoy great views on any clear night
  • New Design: once aligned, dual optical encoders on both axes of motion allow manual aiming of the telescope without losing GoTo alignment
  • After an object is selected, the StarSeeker IV 150mm locates and tracks it automatically so you can relax and enjoy the view
  • Includes GoTo hand controller, 2 beautiful 23mm (78x) and 10mm (180x) wide field 60-degree(!) eyepieces, 90-degree diagonal, 2" visual-back, EZ Finder II sight.

1249 EUR
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