Orion - StarShoot AllSky Camera II

  • Our StarShoot Allsky Camera II provides a 180░ "fisheye" view of the day and night sky on your TV, laptop, or PC
  • View live images of the ENTIRE local sky, horizon to horizon, or record and broadcast your sky over the internet
  • New computer serial interface allows you to operate the AllSky II remotely with your computer using upgraded Orion HandyAVI Special Edition software (included)
  • Excels during both day and night, with no distracting "blooming" pixel overloads caused by direct sunlight
  • Weatherproof and tamper-resistant housing is ideal for permanent installations, but is also conveniently portable so you can take it anywhere

    Imaging Sensor: 1/2" Mintron MTV-52K9BH CCD Sensor
    Sensor Size: 1/2"
    Pixel: 768 x 494 Pixel - Size: 8,4 x 9,8Ám
    Imaging Chip: Color Video
    Video Frame Rate: 30
    Exposure Range: up to 4 seconds for night sky
    A/D conversion: 8bit
    Built in IR/UV blocking filter
    Software compatibility: Windows XP / Vista 7/8

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