HiTech Astro - Astro Mount Hub Pro V2

The mount Hub Pro is the answer to many observatory or mobile power requirements. In addition to the below functionality, the new Mount Hub pro now also includes a 5 Port USB Hub

  • In one small neat and tidy unit you can do the following via a PC and the included software
  • 8 individually selectable and controllable relay driven outputs to power all of your equipment. (plus three constant (always on) outlets.)
  • A 4 channel dew controller with individually selectable outputs.
  • A stepper motor focus controller compatible with many of todays most popular focusers (e.g. Moonlite, Robofocus)PC software which allows all of the above to be controlled from the users PC 
  • An ASCOM compliant driver to operate with your favourite third party ASCOM compliant application. (e.g. Maxim DL, CCD Soft etc)SB Interface
  • An integrated 4 port USB hub for connecting your favourite devices.
  • Can deliver up to 15Amps of power to your equipment (via an appropriate power supply)

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